Hey there!

My name is Olivia, a college student craving adventure and trying to find it anywhere I can. I grew up in Boulder CO, the health hub of the US (let’s be honest, it probably is) and now attend the University of Washington in Seattle. Moving from a crunchy granola town to a large urban environment has expanded my views on the world and has made me want to see more. I study sociocultural anthropology and hope to eventually work for some sort of non-profit abroad.  I am studying cultures around the world which has made my craving for travel that much more intense. Although I am studying in Seattle, adventure does not mean I have to travel far. This is a blog about my adventures, whether it be 2 miles or 2000 miles from my home, adventure is out there and I am determined to find it. Join me on my journey and feel free to message me about any questions or if you have suggestions for my next adventure!